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Dysart Taylor Appellate



With years of experience, Dysart Taylor’s appellate attorneys know the technical aspects of prosecuting an appeal and have the skill to present compelling, innovative and winning arguments for each case.  Our attorneys can manage the entire appeal process, from notice of appeal through conclusion, or consult with other firms on specific issues. We handle a broad range of appeals in areas including, commercial and business litigation, insurance, product liability, constitutional issues, municipal law, land use, administrative review and all other areas of our practice. 

We can assist with administrative appeals, interlocutory appeals, extraordinary writs and amici curiae briefs for trade groups and others on cases of special interest. In addition, our attorneys assist trial counsel, laying the ground work for appeal if necessary.  This includes drafting and presenting summary judgment and other dispositive motions, trial briefs, jury instructions, identification of appeal issues during and after trial and post-trial motions. 

Our attorneys have successfully briefed and argued appeals in the United States Supreme Court, Eighth and Tenth Circuits, Supreme Courts of Missouri and Kansas as well as intermediate state appellate courts. In 1997, Dysart Taylor attorney, Pat Kaine, briefed and attended oral argument at the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that had far reaching effects in bankruptcy law. 

Our attorneys have also clerked for appellate judges in Missouri and Kansas. This experience and familiarity with the appellate process provides us with unique knowledge of the workings of the appellate courts and appellate judges.