Practice Areas

Dysart Taylor Aviation



Dysart Taylor’s attorneys have been working with clients in the aviation industry for more than 40 years. Our Aviation Group represents general aviation manufacturers, aircraft owners and pilots, airports, mechanics, maintenance facilities, commercial and charter airlines, component part manufacturers, fixed base operators and aviation insurers. Our clients include many of the largest aviation and insurance companies in the U.S., and their insureds.

We have successfully defended numerous complex aviation cases involving wrongful death, serious injuries and substantial property damage. Attorney Bob Cotter obtained one of the largest verdicts in the state of Kansas in an aviation subrogation case on behalf of an aircraft manufacturer and its insurer. Our attorneys also have extensive experience in mediation, arbitration and appellate proceedings.

We’ve been there, done that (flying that is). Attorneys in our Aviation Group have experience both as pilots and aircraft mechanics. Our flying experiences include a commercial pilot license with single and multi-engine, and instrument ratings in both piston and turbine-powered aircraft. Aviation Group attorney Marty Montemore served as a pilot for the Missouri Air National Guard and is a former USAF pilot with over 1,000 combat hours. 

Aviation Litigation

  • Airports and mechanics
  • Aviation insurers and insureds
  • Component part manufacturers
  • Commercial and charter airlines
  • FAA administrative proceedings
  • Owners/operators of aircraft and airports
  • Subrogations

Product Litigation

  • Personal injury
  • Products liability
  • Property damage
  • In-flight separations
  • Claims of fuel system design defects
  • Crashworthiness claims of engine failures due to various system designs
  • Claimed defects in exhaust systems, propeller systems, de-ice systems, turbine engines, fuel controls, vacuum systems avionics and turbo-chargers