August 5, 2021

Dysart Taylor is pleased to announce director Anne Baggott recently presented on potential changes to non-compete agreements at a July 28 virtual event. The event, What HR Needs to Know About Executive Order on Non-Compete Agreements, was hosted by the Society for Human Resource Management of Greater Kansas City (SHRM-KC). Baggott currently serves on the SHRM-KC Board of Directors.

President Biden issued a sweeping executive order on July 9 with directives to multiple agencies to encourage competitive practices. Biden is asking the Federal Trade Commission to consider enacting regulations to ban or limit non-compete agreements, which restrict where employees can work after leaving a job. Many businesses use non-compete agreements to protect key relationships and trade secrets.

During the webinar, Baggott outlined the possible changes that may happen based on directions in President Biden’s executive order – as well as other relevant state and federal laws – that may affect businesses and written employment agreements.

An experienced employment lawyer, Baggott has a blended practice representing both companies and individuals on all aspects of employment law. She advises and strategically guides businesses and employees through the complex web of workplace laws.