Bevan Writes Article on Protecting Against Frivolous Allegations of Bad Faith for Insurers in USLAW Magazine

Kent Bevan published an article about ways that insurers can protect themselves against frivolous allegations of bad faith in the Fall/Winter 2016 edition of USLAW Magazine.

“Frivolous bad faith allegations are always a concern for insurers. Plaintiffs and their lawyers have an obvious financial incentive to assert bad faith claims because of the possibility that they can recover a far greater amount than what policy limits provide. Unfortunately, the mere perception of bad faith can lead to problems for insurers, even in the absence of genuine bad faith.

Part of the problem is the “David vs. Goliath” mentality that sometimes motivates jurors to find in favor of whom they consider to be the ‘underdog.’ When they see a plaintiff, often a lone individual who has been hurt in some unfortunate event, take on an insurance company for denying the claim, their sympathies naturally lie with the plaintiff.”

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