Judy and Wilcox Moderate Webinars

Michael J. Judy moderated a webinar entitled, “Reserve or Not to Reserve.” The presentation took place June 4 as part of the USLAW Network EduNet Webinar program.

“Drawing on the experience and perspectives of USLAW retail clients, this program will discuss how open claim reserves impact P&Ls and companies’ overall litigation strategy. Clients will share their strategies and the tools they have successfully used to set appropriate reserves. We also will continue to explore the interplay between the self-insured and excess carriers when the case evaluations pierce the excess layer. Not only will clients have an opportunity to learn from one another, but outside counsel will better understand the role they can play and the importance of assisting clients in establishing proper case reserves. Content is created for attorneys, TPSs, in-house risk managers and claims people, insurers and anyone interested in hearing about the latest in claim reserves strategies.”

John F. Wilcox moderated a webinar entitled, “The Sun Never Sets On Broker Liability (Unfortunately): Surveying the Panorama of Broker Liability Issues (Cargo and Casualty) and the State of the Law in 2019 — and What to do about it!” The presentation took place June 4 as part of the Transportation Lawyers Association Webinar Series.

“The panelists will provide updates on current trends in litigating cargo claims on behalf of brokers (as plaintiff and/or defendant), and review recent case law regarding these issues. The panelists will also examine and discuss recent case law relating to broker liability (or lack thereof) for catastrophic casualty losses, including an examination of issues relating to the evolving applicable regulatory regimes, federal preemption and its impact upon broker liability, and the nuances of carrier selection and qualification processes. Finally, the panelists will provide their top 10 practical tips for brokers on preventing cargo and casualty claims from even happening at all. Ms. Goorevitz and Mr. Zalud first presented on this topic, on the same panel, two weeks after the Schramm decision. They have continuously been involved in advising their broker clients, and others, on these issues, since then. They are true Schrammologists!”