Ketchum Appointed to Association for Women Lawyers Foundation (AWLF) Board of Directors

Amanda Pennington Ketchum was appointed to the board of directors of the Association for Women Lawyers Foundation

In 2008, five legal leaders made a commitment to advance AWL’s focus on the community and establish AWL’s sister organization, the AWL Foundation.  The efforts of two AWL past presidents, Tracy Bornman and Denise Henning, brought together an AWLF Board of Directors comprised entirely of AWL past presidents (Nancy Kenner, Denise Henning, Victoria Schatz, Tracy Bornman and Janeen deVries). AWLF is the charitable arm of AWL (Association for Women Lawyers).  The mission of AWLF is to support and assist women in the legal profession and women in general.  AWL recognized the Foundation and its founding Board of Directors as 2008 Organization of the Year.  

Contact Amanda Pennington Ketchum at or 816-931-2700.