October 11, 2019

John F. Wilcox Jr. moderated a webinar for the Transportation Lawyers Association called “Winning the Golden Hour: A step-by-step walk-through of the first hour, and first 24 hours, after a catastrophic truck accident, to protect your client’s interests, preserve appropriate evidence – and blueprint a winning litigation strategy” on October 9 as part of TLA’s webinar series.

The webinar consisted of two presenters, Christy Comstock, Partner at Wales Comstock and Patrick Foppe, Partner at Lashly & Baer. The webinar provided an in-depth look on the importance of the golden hour – the hour after a catastrophic trucking accident, and the first day, in protecting the client motor carrier’s or brokers’ interests for possible litigation going forward.  

For more information, contact John Wilcox at jwilcox@dysarttaylor.com or 816-714-3046