March 5, 2021

Director Meghan Litecky, a graduate of University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, joined Dysart Taylor in 2015. As a former prosecutor, Meghan learned how to think critically and make decisions under extreme pressure – a skill she carries with her today as a civil litigator.

Meghan’s prowess in the courtroom strengthens her ability to lead clients as a litigator, with attention to detail and the ability to make rapid decisions. Meghan’s practice focuses on a variety of civil litigation and personal injury defense matters, ranging from advising trucking companies in wrongful death actions to defending small businesses in professional liability claims. Clients seek Meghan’s ability to defend them at trial and protect their businesses.

Read on to learn more about Meghan in our Attorney Spotlight:


Why did you want to become an attorney? What made you decide on this field?
“I’ve always been attracted to fields that provide an opportunity to help others. This is probably inspired by watching my mother serve her patients for decades as a nurse in pediatric hematology and oncology. It was a very hard job but it was inspiring to see how rewarding it was for her to help her families through such difficult diagnoses. At the time I made my decision to pursue law, I was working toward two degrees – journalism and political science – so law school seemed like a natural next step to put my legal and writing educations to use.”

What is the best thing about being an attorney?
“The thrill of litigation victories, both small and large. Whether it is taking a good deposition, or even a helpful small line of questioning, or finding a persuasive case in research, or winning an oral argument or winning a verdict in trial, achieving wins, both big and small, on behalf of my clients is incredibly rewarding. It is the victories that continually make the hard work and preparation worth it.”

What is your biggest goal for your legal career?
“To continue finding balance between a successful career in civil litigation and maintaining a healthy and happy personal life and implementing real strategies at Dysart that can do the same for our entire team. A litigator friend once told me, ‘Litigation is a lifestyle.’ That really resonated with me because it is so true. Duty calls every single day of the year and it is simply impossible to press pause on the unexpected legal challenges our clients face. Litigation is unpredictable and, at times, tumultuous – and sadly, this pushes many great litigators away from the profession, especially women and caregivers. In recognizing this, I want to continue finding solutions that will foster longevity in my career for myself, and others in the profession.

Fortunately, it is possible to put your career in balance with your personal life, but it takes finding the right place, the right team, and the right strategy. I am proud to say that at Dysart we are committed to this goal and, in doing so, we use a collaborative approach to each case and client that fosters teamwork and innovation; additionally, we have begun to utilize a more modern approach to the workplace that uses technology to make the remote workspace as productive and collaborative as a traditional in-person workplace. I want to continue the good work we are doing in creating a healthy and effective workplace that will be an example to businesses all over the country.”

What Kansas City experience would you recommend to everyone?
“The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library in Independence, the WWI Museum and the Local Pig, Kansas City’s only full-line butcher shop.”

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
“With my husband and fellow litigator, Josh Peter, and our three sons, Lukas (8), Logan (5), and Jax (70 dog years) preferably at the Lake of the Ozarks or my hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota.”

Contact Meghan Litecky at (816) 714-3052 or