January 28, 2022

Associate attorney Sydney Paquette, a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, joined Dysart Taylor in 2021. As a former prosecutor, Sydney is a seasoned litigator who handles complex civil cases.

With more than 45 jury trials, in both state and federal court, she is an experienced trial attorney who focuses her work in civil litigation and defending companies and individuals in the transportation and logistics industries.

Read on to learn more about Sydney in our Attorney Spotlight:


Why did you want to become an attorney? What made you decide on this field
“I wanted to become an attorney by the time I was six years old, and I wanted to be in the courtroom arguing cases. I am not sure how a six-year-old got that in her head, but it stuck. I’m fairly certain my siblings would say I just wanted to be boss people around. My law practice has always been motivated by wanting to help people, whether it be victims of crimes or businesses that need assistance.”

What is the best thing about being an attorney?
“I love that there is always something new to learn. No matter how much experience you have in an area of law, you can always learn something more and I enjoy continuing to learn each day. A lot of the learning comes from meeting people that work in vastly different fields than I do or have had different life experiences than I have had. I have met a lot of very interesting people while practicing law.”

What is your biggest goal for your legal career?
“At the end of my career, I want to be able to look back and know that I helped people that has always been what has gotten me out of bed each day.”

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
“I spend most of my time outside of work with my husband and daughter. My husband is very handy and we do a lot of home projects. We built a large back patio last summer and have enjoyed having family and friends over to eat and hang out with us there.”

What Kansas City experience would you recommend to everyone?
“I have always loved visiting the Nelson-Atkins Museum. No matter how many times I go it still amazes and delights me every time. A great day would involve several hours at the Nelson followed by some Kansas City barbeque. It is hard to pick a favorite barbeque spot in KC, but I love to go to Danny Edwards Blvd BBQ when I’m close to Southwest Boulevard.”

Contact Sydney Paquette at spaquette@dysarttaylor.com or (816) 931-2700.