April 19, 2021

Dysart Taylor director David M. Buffo has authored an article, “If it Looks Like a Duck, Swims Like a Duck, and Quacks Like a Duck, Then it Probably is a Duck – Except Perhaps When Pleading a Carmack Amendment Claim,” in the April 2021 edition of The Transportation Lawyer, the official publication of the Transportation Lawyers Association (TLA).

Buffo’s article covered a specific transportation case, IKON Transportation Services, Inc. v. Texas Made Truckin, LLC a/k/a Alfredo Rodriguez d/b/a Freddy’s Freight et al, and its importance to the use of a Carmack Amendment claim in notice pleading, a system of requirements that emphasizes pleadings as a way to notify parties of general issues in a case.

Working primarily in transportation and construction, Buffo has been helping Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike for more than 15 years. He is an experienced commercial litigator with a strong business acumen that helps him understand his clients’ needs.

Read Buffo’s full article in the April 2021 edition (Vol. 22, No. 5) of The Transportation Lawyer.

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