June 28, 2024

Dysart Taylor shareholders/directors Amanda Pennington Ketchum and Meghan Litecky recently attended the USLAW Network Women’s Connection in Asheville, North Carolina. Ketchum and Litecky were able to meet and interact with clients during the weekend-long conference as well as facilitate presentations for attendees.

During the first full day of the conference, Ketchum facilitated the presentation Exploring the Common Thread, an interactive exercise in which member attorneys discussed their specific practice areas with other attorneys during the member meeting.

Litecky was a co-facilitator of the session Shattering Limits: Breaking the Glass Ceiling and Forging Paths to Leadership, which discussed how to dismantle barriers, foster inclusivity and build inspiration for action toward gender equality in positions of power. Alongside Georgianna K. Ingram of GPS Hospitality and Alison H. Sausaman of Carr Allison, Litecky presented on the value of diverse leadership styles, the importance of sponsorship in accelerating career growth for women and the success stories of women thriving in a male-dominated industry.

Ketchum was appointed as the vice chair of the USLAW Women’s Connection for the upcoming year. Ketchum previously served as the secretary of the Women’s Connection and this new appointment will continue her service on the group’s leadership committee.

Dysart Taylor is proud to be the only firm in Kansas City that is a member of the USLAW NETWORK, an international organization of nearly 100 independent, defense-based law firms with more than 6,000 attorneys covering the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.