Dysart Taylor shareholder/director Meghan Litecky was recently awarded the 2023 KCMBF President’s Award at the organization’s annual meeting by Leon Versfeld, the Foundation’s president. The award was in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the Liberty & Justice Gala held in October. Litecky, along with four other individuals, received the award for her leadership, support and commitment toward the sustainability of the Foundation.

At this year’s Gala, Litecky served as the Sponsorship Committee Chair. She, alongside fellow chairman Scott Bethune and the Sponsorship Committee, led the way to raise $185,000 in sponsorship funding that will go toward KCMBF’s Legal Connection programs. Meghan also serves on the KCMBF Board of Directors.

KCMBF serves the community by creating and supporting public service or educational programs that promote the administration of justice, delivery of legal services, professional development and respect for the law, such as the programs above.

In her practice, Litecky helps her clients in the areas of civil litigation matters both big and small, representing individuals and businesses in everything from advising trucking companies in wrongful death actions to representing small businesses in professional liability claims to helping individuals in an array of personal and property damage matters.

Contact Meghan Litecky at MLitecky@DysartTaylor.com or (816) 714-3052.