October 19, 2020

Dysart Taylor is pleased to announce Managing Director Amanda Pennington Ketchum was a featured speaker and moderator at USLAW NETWORK’s first-ever virtual retreat. During her sessions, she spoke on corporate responsibility, the role of a general counsel and how USLAW can benefit corporations.

On Oct. 5, Ketchum joined a panel for a discussion on corporate responsibility, Defining Corporate Social Responsibility and the Role That General Counsel Play, where she examined a general counsel’s role in identifying their business’s responsibility to the wider societal good. The panel addressed how companies should manage their social, philanthropic and environmental impacts, as well as key relationships with those in the workplace, the marketplace, the supply chain and the community.

Ketchum was joined on the panel by Thomas Oliver, founding partner of Carr Allison; Jack Henschel, vice president and general counsel of Atlas Copco North America; Hildy Aguinaldo, senior corporate counsel at DaVita Inc.; and Eric Cotton, deputy general counsel and corporate compliance officer of SITE Centers.

In addition, Ketchum hosted Corporate Partner Perspectives: Litigation Insights with Dr. Jill Leibold, Director of Jury Research at Litigation Insights. Ketchum and Leibold spoke on the transformation and creativity in exploring new ideas and new platforms.

Ketchum also moderated a session, What is USLAW’s Value Proposition for In-House Legal Decision Makers and Why Consider Retaining Its Member Firms?, on Sept. 30. The presentation shares the history of how USLAW was formed almost 20 years ago and how the organization benefits major corporations, insurance carriers, and both large and small businesses, through a network of professional, innovative law firms dedicated to their clients’ legal success.

The panel was full of heavy hitters in the business and legal communities, including three vice presidents, a chief legal officer and two general counsels from major corporations.

The 10-day conference ran from Sept. 30-Oct. 9 and was designed for legal decision-makers. The retreat covers everything from upcoming legislation and emerging technologies to how COVID-19 has impacted the claims environment and how recent decisions are impacting overall policies and operations. Presentations are available on-demand for all who register for the free event.

USLAW NETWORK is an international, invite-only organization of nearly 100 independent, defense-based law firms with more than 6,000 attorneys covering the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Dysart Taylor is the only firm in Kansas City that is a member of USLAW. Ketchum serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of USLAW NETWORK and is an active member of the Executive Committee and Diversity Council.

For more information, contact Amanda Pennington Ketchum at 816-714-3066 or aketchum@dysarttaylor.com