Price Publishes Article on Business Succession Planning

Joe Price wrote an article entitled, “When Everyone Has a Plan for Your Business but You” which appeared in Thinking Bigger Business Media’s annual “Thinking Bigger Guide 2016-2017,” a publication that caters to small business owners. The article details some of the bad things that can happen to a business, its owner, and its owner’s family if they don’t have a business succession plan in place. It also details how a business succession plan can help business owners prepare for and even prevent some of these negative circumstances. 

“Business ownership is an adventure that requires careful planning and forethought to be successful. Surprisingly, even the savviest business owners often overlook the need for a succession plan in the event of their demise or incapacity. What they don’t realize is that even if they don’t have a plan for what happens to their business under these circumstances, others probably do. Here are some examples.”

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