Dysart Taylor was founded when Lee Reeder started a general practice law firm in downtown Kansas City. Reeder was joined by two civic leaders in the community, George Gisler and Wentworth Griffin, who became extremely involved in the formative years of the firm with the expanding regulation of the motor carrier industry.

1950s & 1960s

Lewis A. Dysart and Frank W. Taylor, Jr. joined the firm as business attorneys and community leaders. Taylor became involved in serving the motor carrier industry and, like Griffin, served as president of the Transportation Lawyers Association. During this time, the firm became nationally renowned in the transportation industry, representing national and regional trucking companies in business and regulatory matters.

During this time, our firm changed names four times:

  • Reeder Gisler Griffin & Dysart (1954)
  • Reeder Griffin & Dysart (1958)
  • Reeder Griffin Dysart & Taylor (1964)
  • Reeder Dysart Sanders & Taylor (1968)


In the early 1970s, Roger Penner and Howard Lay joined the firm. Roger Penner, an extremely successful trial lawyer, represented insurance, aviation and construction companies. Lay joined the team as a commercial law attorney. In the late 1970s, Bob Cotter and Pat McMonigle joined the firm. Cotter led the aviation and insurance practice areas. McMonigle specialized in and led the transportation practice area; he would later also serve as president of the TLA. Under their leadership, Dysart Taylor expanded its litigation practice.

In the 1970s, the firm changed names four times, including:

  • Reeder Dysart & Taylor (1970)
  • Reeder Griffin Dysart & Taylor, P.C. (1973)
  • Reeder, Griffin, Dysart, Taylor & Penner, P.C. (1976)
  • Griffin, Dysart, Taylor, Penner, and Lay, P.C. (1977)

1980s & 1990s

During this period, Dysart Taylor’s practice areas grew significantly as the firm expanded and diversified. This growth led the firm to move from downtown Kansas City to the Country Club Plaza.

Over two decades, the firm changed its name four additional times, including:

  • Dysart Taylor Penner & Lay, P.C. (1984)
  • Dysart Taylor Penner Lay & Lewandowski, P.C. (1986)
  • Dysart Taylor Lay Lewandowski & Cotter, P.C. (1996)
  • Dysart Taylor Lay Cotter & McMonigle. P.C. (1997)


At the turn of the century, Dysart Taylor experienced significant growth, which led to representing more national and international clients. The firm’s practice areas continued to expand with the addition of attorneys practicing in employment law and estate planning. In addition, the firm rebranded to Dysart Taylor Cotter McMonigle & Montemore, P.C.


Dysart Taylor joined the USLAW NETWORK to serve even more clients in this network of independent, well-respected law firms throughout North America.



Amanda Ketchum became the first female managing director of Dysart Taylor. In her role, Mandy has focused her efforts on continuing to grow the firm and hiring and mentoring diverse and female attorneys. She was recognized in 2016 by Missouri Lawyers Weekly as a Law Firm Leader for her efforts, and she received a Women’s Justice Award from the same publication in 2017.


We are proud to say that Dysart Taylor celebrated 85 years of business as a leader in the Kansas City legal community. Since being founded in 1934, the firm has grown from two lawyers with one staff person to more than 20 lawyers supported by a full staff of qualified personnel.


In the early 2020s, the firm continued its growth in key industries, including transportation, construction, insurance, real estate and professional services. In addition, a name change to Dysart Taylor Cotter McMonigle & Brumitt, P.C. occurred to reflect the firm’s ongoing evolution.

In January 2022, the firm relocated its office to the West Plaza after more than two decades on Madison Avenue.

Our History

We’re proud of being a leader of the Kansas City legal community for more than eight decades. From the very beginning of its existence, Dysart Taylor has been involved in the transportation industry on both a local and national level. Our general business and litigation practices have evolved over the years to reflect the wonderful clients that we’ve had the pleasure of working with in industries including aviation, construction, wealth planning and asset preservation, real estate, business operations, as well as commercial and insurance litigation – to name a few. Our clients recognize that Dysart Taylor’s attorneys aren’t just experts in their practice areas, but that we also strive to develop expertise in our clients’ businesses. This entails cultivating a deep understanding of our clients’ industries so that we have a holistic perspective of how their businesses work.

Dysart Taylor was founded in 1934 in Kansas City by Lee Reeder and Carll Kretsinger as a small, general practice law office. During the firm’s first year, Mr. Reeder successfully handled a case for a truck driver. The case involved less than $100.

Before Mr. Reeder accepted the case, at least three other lawyers turned it down. That small victory formed the basis for the firm’s local, regional and nationwide reputation as skilled attorneys in a variety of practice areas. More importantly, it symbolized Dysart Taylor’s enduring commitment to responsive, personalized legal service.

Since 1934, the firm has grown from two lawyers with one staff person to more than 20 lawyers supported by a full staff of qualified personnel.

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