Wilcox Receives 2018 Distinguished Service Award from the Transportation Lawyers Association

At the 81st annual Transportation Lawyers Association’s Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, John Wilcox received the TLA’s Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his outstanding service to TLA in the past years.  John has been a TLA member for more than 15 years, and has held many positions of substantial responsibility with the organization, including chairing a TLA annual conference program, serving on the recent Long Term Planning Committee of TLA, chairing a practice section committee of the organization, moderating and speaking at TLA conferences and continuing legal education presentations.  He currently serves as the First Vice-President of TLA, and will act as the Editor of the TLA’s journal, The Transportation Lawyer, for the coming year.  John is slated to serve as the President of TLA in 2020, which will make him the 7th TLA President from Dysart Taylor, following Lee Reeder, Wentworth Griffin, Frank (Bill) Taylor, Alex Lewandowski, Ken Hoffman, and Pat McMonigle.  All but Ken Hoffman (who was in solo practice in Austin, TX at the time) were elected while members of Dysart Taylor.  No other firm in TLA has had more than two past Presidents elected.

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