October 16, 2020

Director Michael Judy, a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Law, joined Dysart Taylor in 2013 and again in 2016, after spending a year learning the transportation industry from the inside of a Fortune 500 transportation and logistics company.

Whether Michael is defending a trucking company in a catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, counseling transportation industry clients on key aspects of their business or advising clients on risk management policies and procedures, he knows that a strong relationship with his clients and a unified pursuit of his clients’ interests will lead to a more successful result.

Read on to learn more about Michael in our Attorney Spotlight:


Why did you want to become an attorney? What made you decide on this field?
“I had a political science professor in college who encouraged me to consider law as a profession. As I researched the legal profession, I discovered that becoming a lawyer would fit my personality and strengths as a person.”

What is your biggest goal for your legal career?
“I want to dispel the myths and misconceptions of lawyers. Too many people view lawyers as a necessary evil rather than as a partner who can help navigate difficult times. My goal is for my clients to view me as a valuable member of their organization.”

What is your most significant memory or case (so far) in your career?
“I represent a lot of truck drivers who have been involved in accidents leading to catastrophic injury and death. Often, the impact the accident has on the driver, particularly when he or she did not do anything wrong, is forgotten in the litigation process. My most significant memory is a driver contacting me after a case was resolved to tell me how appreciative he was that I cared about how the accident impacted his life.”

What is the best thing about being an attorney?
“The relationships with my co-workers, opposing counsel and members of the bar. We have a difficult job and we are often litigating matters that are the most profound incidents that occur in an individual’s life. If you cannot develop positive relationships with those with whom you interact, including those who are adverse to you, the job can be overwhelming.”

Is there anything you did more of during quarantine than before?
“I’m spending more quality time with my kids. Before quarantine, our lives were spent shuttling one of our four boys from one activity to the next. Now that many of the activities have been canceled, we are using that time to enjoy quiet family activities.”

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
“I’m a people person. When we aren’t busy with sports and extracurricular activities with our kids, we enjoy hanging out with our close group of friends. Whether it is a night out or a relaxing night sitting in someone’s backyard, we enjoy being around people, laughing and having a good time.”