Brumitt Publishes Article on Controlled Insurance Programs in USLAW Magazine

Lee Brumitt published an overview of Controlled Insurance Programs (CIPs) and how they pertain to construction law in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of USLAW Magazine.

An insurance program commonly used on larger projects of $100M or more is a CIP, also known as a “wrap up.” In this arrangement, a single party, either the owner (OCIP) or the general contractor (CCIP), acquires consolidated insurance for all participants working on-site during the construction period. The purpose is to make the insurance more equitable, uniform, coherent, and efficient by eliminating the cost of overlapping coverages and delays caused by disputes between the participants and, at the same time, protect all contracting parties by bringing the risk of loss from the project within the insurance coverage. Economies of scale attained by merging insurance reduces the overhead cost generated by multiple and separate policies.

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