November 18, 2019

Dysart Taylor Cotter McMonigle & Montemore, P.C. Shareholder and Director Joe Price authored an article for the October 2019 issue of Ingram’s on Stretch IRAs, the method for creating them and their tax benefits. Stretch IRAs are in danger of being gutted by the SECURE Act, which was passed by the House in May.

In his article, Price outlines the SECURE Act and the changes it will bring to Stretch IRAs if it is enacted in its present form. The U.S. Senate is expected to propose minor revisions to the House version, which would preserve some benefits of the existing law.

A Stretch IRA is used as an estate planning strategy that extends the tax-deferred term of an inherited IRA when it is passed to a non-spouse beneficiary such as a child or grandchild.

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