Coughlin Delivers Another Trial Victory

Following trial victories in November and December of last year, George P. Coughlin continued his winning streak with a jury trial victory on February 10 in the Circuit Court of Phelps County in Rolla, MO. He represented Staples, Inc., a national office supply retailer.

On April 8, 2011, a customer fell at the entrance to the Staples store in Rolla. She broke her arm and claimed that her right knee was also injured in the fall. She had surgery on that knee a year later. Following a trial that lasted two-and-a-half days, the jury found Staples and the customer equally at fault, and awarded the plaintiff damages of only $16,000, despite the fact that plaintiff’s counsel had asked the jury to award the plaintiff at least $400,000.

Matthew W. Geary assisted by handling the depositions of two doctors and in pretrial briefing.

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