June 12, 2020

Dysart Taylor attorney Leslie Boe organized and led a family-friendly protest to support the Black Lives Matter movement on June 8. The protest was featured on Fox 4 Kansas City as an example of local communities standing up against racism.

Dozens of parents and kids gathered with signs at Mission Road and 98th Terrace – outside Boe’s street – for a lively gathering. The group was cheered on by honking cars, and neighbors posted their protest signs on trees and street signs.

After her 7-year-old son asked her about the ongoing protests and unrest across the country, Boe decided to organize their own, family-friendly protest for her neighborhood. It started out small; Boe posted in Facebook groups for her neighborhood and her son’s elementary school. As others were invited, the event grew. In the end, there were more strangers in attendance than people Boe knew directly.

“I wanted to do something more than just post on Facebook,” Boe said. “My son had questions about the protests and I wanted to take him to one, but I wasn’t sure he would be comfortable or safe at a large protest. We support our black community, truly believe that black lives matter and want to see real change.”

Boe also emphasized that kids are not too young to learn about racism.

“Kids are hearing things. They overhear parents talking and hear snippets of the news. This is a chance to show our kids how to stand up against racism, how to do more than just talk about it in our homes. It’s important to raise them to be affirmatively anti-racist and to teach them it’s okay to ask these tough questions,” Boe said.

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