Wilcox & Litecky Successfully Defend Clients Against $8.5 Million Claim

In the Spring of 2016, four long-time employees of Plaintiff trucking company decided to leave the company and go to work for another trucking company in Kansas City, Missouri. The employees were not subject to non-compete agreements. Despite this fact, Plaintiff sued the employees, the new employer, and the new employer’s owner. Plaintiff claimed that the four former employees breached their duty of loyalty to it. It further asserted that all six Defendants tortiously interfered with Plaintiff’s business expectancy. Finally, Plaintiff claimed that the Defendants should be enjoined from competing with it. In regard to damages, Plaintiff alleged that it was entitled to more than $8.5 Million including $6 Million in punitive damages.

All of the Defendants were represented by John Wilcox and Meghan Litecky. Wilcox and Litecky filed motions to dismiss and for summary judgment on behalf of the Defendants. After extensive and contentious discovery, the Circuit Court granted Defendants’ dispositive motions.

The case is captioned as NKC Transportation, LLC v. Hill, et al., Circuit Court of Platte County, Missouri; Case No. 16AE-CV02038-01.

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