Compendiums of Law published for the Construction, Retail, and Transportation Industries in Kansas and Missouri

USLAW NETWORK, an international network of independent, full-service firms with roots in civil litigation, has released Compendiums of Law for construction, retail and transportation law which enable you to easily access state common and statutory law in these areas. Dysart Taylor attorneys wrote several of the Compendiums for laws in Missouri and Kansas.

– Lee Brumitt and Pat McMonigle authored the Construction Compendiums for both Missouri and Kansas to address legal questions that often arise in construction law. To view and download the Kansas Construction Compendium, click here. To view and download the Missouri Construction Compendium, click here.

– Kate Alfaro and Meghan Litecky authored the Retail Compendiums for both Missouri and Kansas to permit users to easily access common and state specific liability issues as they pertain to the management of retail establishments, shopping and hospitality centers. These Compendiums also include a section on dram shop (bar) liability. To view and download the Kansas Retail Law Compendium, click here. To view and download the Missouri Retail Law Compendium, click here.

– Pat McMonigle and John Wilcox authored the Transportation Compendium for the state of Kansas, a survey of state law on various issues associated with the derivative negligence claims of negligent entrustment, hiring, retention and supervision in truck accident cases. To view and download the Kansas Transportation Compendium, click here.