Dysart Taylor keeps you moving. For everything from trucks, boats, planes, buses and any other vehicle that moves freight or people, we have a team of experienced attorneys to keep you on track and on time. Our expertise in transportation law dates back to the 1930s and includes six former presidents of the Transportation Lawyers Association (TLA). We handle everything from litigation and dispute resolution to employment advice, corporate transactions to regulatory compliance, and class actions to risk management. We have an accident rapid response team that is ready to help you at a moment’s notice.


    Dysart Taylor’s Aviation Group represents general aviation manufacturers, aircraft owners and pilots, airports, mechanics, maintenance facilities, commercial and charter airlines, component part manufacturers, fixed-base operators and aviation insurers. Our clients include many of the largest aviation and insurance companies in the nation, and their insureds.


    Dysart Taylor’s attorneys advise transportation and logistics companies in every aspect of corporate business practice. Our experienced team of attorneys counsels clients in mergers and acquisitions, succession plans, and the purchase or sale of business interests to third parties. Our team is fully equipped to advise clients on corporate management and operations matters, including negotiating and preparing all forms of business, partnership, licensing, operating, and shareholder agreements, and all other types of business contracts.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

    Dysart Taylor offers experienced litigation and dispute resolution to the commercial transportation industry. Our attorneys represent transportation and logistics businesses in federal and state regulatory matters, freight claim litigation, insurance coverage and litigation, mergers and acquisitions, personal injury, property loss, cargo loss and damage, employment matters, regulatory compliance and licensing, risk management, transportation agreements, and much more.

Employment Law

    Dysart Taylor’s employment attorneys help you navigate complex workplace laws and regulations. Our services in the transportation, logistics and distribution industry include employment litigation, advice and training, and third-party investigations and audits.

Rapid Response

    Dysart Taylor’s Rapid Response Team responds to incidents throughout the Midwest 24/7. Our experienced attorneys are trained in coordinating defense and investigation activities in response to transportation accidents. We utilize our network to identify and preserve evidence, locate and interview witnesses, assist in post-accident safety compliance, and advise clients regarding all critical aspects of post-crash investigation. We understand that accidents don’t always happen during business hours, so we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist in effective management and control of crisis situations.




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